Strategy to Manage Corporate Image Through Online Media

digital_eyeA company image can affect the existence of the business and product. Companies that have Image-conscious will perform a variety of ways to save their company image one of through online media.

According an Online Strategist expert Nukman Luthfie on Seminar of Facing Crisis Management Strategies on the Internet, ideally, every company should have a site as a medium of communication between the company with the consumer. “This site will be as a facilities to combat the negative issue (hoax) that comes from internet,” he said.

In this seminar, Nukman also give examples from company cases that face a crisis management because of negative issues through the internet. One example, with crisis management is the OMNI Hospital. Cases of Prita Mulya Sari Vs Omni Hospital has shaking online media that seen from online search keyword ‘Prita‘ is increased. Google’s search results show almost all negative posting for RS OMNI. Read the rest of this entry



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